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Why should you use CBD and how do you use CBD as an athlete?

A frequently asked question to us is, why should I use CBD and how do I use it? We try to explain that based on the profiles below. Calculate your CBD in Milligrams per day. Bottles that have % indications must be converted into Milligrams. a 10 Ml bottle with 10% CBD contains 1000 Mg CBD. You get 200 drops from a bottle. 1000 mg divided by 200 drops is then 5 mg per drop. A 2.5% 10 Ml bottle: 250 Mg CBD divided by 200 drops is then 1.25 Mg CBD per drop. Depending on the reason for taking CBD, you use 20 mg to 100 mg ore more per day. You can do this by using various products such as oil, tablets, protein and superfoods. In addition to the daily Milligrams CBD, athletes also use the so-called topicals such as the Freeze or the Salve. These products applied directly to the painful muscles and joints provide immediate relief.

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