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About Us

CBD SPORTS sells CBD products for athletes. We are looking all over the world for the best CBD products that you can use as an athlete. We believe in the effect of CBD. However, we are critical. We only sell products that we fully support and can help athletes recover faster, perform better and experience less pain from heavy stress during and after exercise.

We sometimes hear, what do you have a wide range of CBD products. That sometimes makes it a bit confusing. We consciously choose the large selection of CBD products for athletes. Yes, there are many bad CBD products, but also many good CBD products for athletes. We bring those good CBD products for athletes under one roof, because you do not always want your products from the same brand. Besides that you can be sure that the products that CBD SPORTS offers are of the highest quality, you can also be sure that they have all been tested and approved by a select group of top athletes. Especially choose a mix between all brands. The CBD Oil from Gaia Botanics with a balm of Alpinols, a bottle of CBDialed Anxiety CBD drops with a Mantycoon Muscle & Joint rub? Everything is possible!

Everyone who works with us is treated as a number. That is because you also choose your own number at CBD SPORTS. We think a personal number is a great honour. Numbers belong to athletes. We do not have to mention names for example in the following list: 14, 23, 7, 10 and 99. You know immediately that we talk about Johan Cruijff, Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Pele and Wayne Gretzky. This also means that we are a team where everyone has their own role, can be deployed at different positions and where we all struggle to offer the best products for you athletes. If you benefit from our CBD products, we see that as a victory. And we as athletes always want to win, each in our own way..

Roald Tromp | Number 1 AND captain of cbdsports


Roald is number 1 at CBD SPORTS. Why he is number 1? Only he knows (like everyone else at CBD SPORTS). Maybe because he was a lousy soccer player? If you aren't good enough as a player in soccer you can always be the goalkeeper? Goalkeppers wear number 1. He played baseball at a reasonable level. Number 1 is the position of the pitcher. However, he was a first baseman. That is position 3. Perhaps because of his ski past? There, the number 1 is usually a fore-runner who explores the slope. Because he ran the New York marathon once? We think this is his way to be number 1 once in his life. He gives the reason that he founded CBDSPORTS and is the only one within the company that is entitled to own this number. We're okay with that.


Sports history: Baseball, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Windsurfing, Tennis and Soccer, CIOS Overveen.
Current sport: CrossFit
Favourite athlete: Alberto Tomba
Favourite sports team: Boston Red Sox
Favourite Stadium: Fenway Park

Favourite Products: Living Freeze and Gaia Botanics 3000Mg unflavoured MCT-Oil drops

RAEZA TROMP | Number 11


The number 11 of CBD SPORTS. The fast Gareth Bale or Arjan Robben with a great scoring ability? His sport is Basketball. The legendary star player of the Detroit Pistons, Isiah Thomas? We think he actually wanted to wear number 1. That number was already forgiven, 11 is number 1 twice? He is in any case determined to get his number 11 in the hall of fame, so that no one can own number 11 when he retires.

Sports history: Basketball, Snowboard
Current sport: Competition team CrossFit Flames XL
Favourite athlete: Michael Jordan
Favourite sports team: All Blacks
Favourite stadium: Madison Square Garden

Favourite Products: Living Water and Gaia Botanics Salve

KAIJA TROMP | Number 4


Kaija is still in high school, but he wanted to secure his number. He occasionally brings your packages to the mail, so they are delivered quickly. He plays soccer as a defender at V.S.V. in Velserbroek wearing number 4. He makes sure that the number 1 is not too busy. Both on the pitch and at CBD SPORTS. At corners he always joins the offensive line to score with a header.

Sports history: Under construction
Current sport: Soccer, Snowboard
Favourite athlete: Matthijs de Ligt, Sergio Ramos (both number 4)
Favourite sports team: Ajax, Real Madrid
Favourite Stadium: Johan Cruijff Arena, Bernabeu

Favourite Products: SupMedi Wünderbars