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The effectiveness of CBD products is different for everyone.
There is no scientific evidence, because not enough research has been done on the effect of CBD. Findings are based on anecdotal evidence and CBD is by no means a medicin. Whether it is the CBD or the other added ingredients in the products is difficult to say. In a topical product, for example, it is often the menthol that provides pain relief by causing cooling on the skin.
The information about the use of CBD or THC is only intended to give every person a free choice and to make this information available to those who want to use cannabis or hemp related products as self-medication. We always recommend that you always follow the advice of your doctor, treating physician or specialist.



CBD for athletes

Best sold items:

CBD Sports is a webshop for athletes and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. For you, we are constantly looking for the best quality CBD products available in the world. We are proud to be able to offer the best CBD products in this webshop. Important advantages when using CBD are mainly; a quick recovery after hard labor, anti-inflammatory effect and a good night's sleep.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is already used mainly by  CrossFit athletes and within Yoga and MMA. CBD is in particular a welcome supplement for athletes who demand a lot of their bodies. The World Anti-Doping Agency no longer has Cannabidiol (CBD) as a prohibited substance on its list.


CBD is now being added to the long list of product groups within the supplements industry, known to athletes, such as:
Protein Powders
Iso-Drink Powders
Capsules / Tablets (Creatine, BCAA and others)
Supplement Powders
RTD Protein Drinks
Iso- & other SportDrinks
Carbohydrate Drinks
Protein Bars
Carbohydrate / Energy Bars
Purified Waters
Other Supplements

Supplements mainly work in the CB1 receptors in our nervous system.
CBD is also often added to relief creams. Creams that you apply directly to the sore/impacted spot. CBD topicals do their work in the CB2 receptors.

In our shop you will find CBD Balm CBD Bars CBD Oil CBD Protein CBD Tablets and CBD Water and within a short time we will add more and more product groups. All with CBD of course!
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